about me 

I am working as a dancer and a choreographer in Berlin from 2019. I started classical ballet in Japan when I was 4 years old. I studied with Watanabe Ikuko Ballet Studio in Tokyo Japan, and decided to study more and went to England at the age of 17. I graduated with diploma from Elmhurst School for Dance (association with Birmingham Royal Ballet) and started to work as a professional dancer. 



National Opera And Ballet ''Oleg Danovski'' | 2013-2015 | Monica Chereches

ODD Continent | ''Morning Blossoms'' | 2016 | Malcom Rock

Budapest Dance Theater | 2015-2018 | Bela Foldi


RAD Advance2 Filming | 2012 | Denise Whiteman

 Training & Workshops 

2014  |  ART of Ballet Summer Course Berlin  |  Oleg Klymyuk​

2014  |  Winter Intensive 2014  |  Karine Guizzo (Kylian repertory)

2015 | FLAB International Summer Intensive | de KISS moves FUSION Dance Theater Company


2016  |  XV. International Summer Dance Course  |  Budapest Dance Theater


2019 | Phlox | Berlin Theaterhaus Mitte

2019 | Playground | Berlin Theaterhaus Mitte​

2020 | Acrux | Berlin Theaterhaus Mitte


2019 | Phlox | Netherlads Choreography Competition | 3rd edition

Special Skills

Ballet, Contemporary dance, Modern dance Jazz dance, Choreography, Improvisation, Gaga, Yoga

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